The Jewellery Business Bootcamp

Intensive 8-Week Training to Build and Grow a Profitable, Successful & Sustainable Jewellery Business

Have you always dreamt of building and growing a successful Jewellery Business and Brand that will enable you to leave your day job, and do something you love every day?

Are you…

  • Desperate to get your handmade jewellery business off the ground but don’t know where to start?
  • Up and running but struggling to get sales?
  • Overwhelmed by all the aspects of running and managing your own business?

Do you want to…

  • Start and grow your own handmade jewellery business and make sales straight away?
  • Perfect your pricing, marketing and sales strategies for growth?
  • Use the strategies that they teach in start-ups and MBA programmes to create a robust jewellery business model with vision, clarity and direction for the future?
  • Learn how to build a brand that makes customers fall in love with everything about you?
  • Learn all about the technology behind building a thriving online site to create sales (including understanding Google, social media, blogging and getting those all-important sales online?)
  • Learn how to sell your work without compromising on your values and feeling too ‘salesy’?
  • Work with shops and retailers and start selling your jewellery wholesale?
  • Learn how to do the ‘business’ side of things that can seem so overwhelming and…frankly boring as a jeweller? So that you have more time to spend being creative and making things.
  • Hear from those who have been there and got the experience to share with you on what works and how to build a business that you will love?

If so then the comprehensive 8-week intensive online course The Jewellery Business Bootcamp with Jessica Rose and team of experts is designed just for you….


Hi I’m Jessica Rose, the Founder and Director of the London Jewellery School and Jewellers Academy. I fell in love with jewellery in my very first jewellery class over 10 years ago, and have been learning to make it and make a living off of it ever since.

Having supported 100’s of jewellers starting and growing their own successful jewellery businesses, I am extremely passionate about the fact that you can make a good living from jewellery and get paid for your talents, work and skill. Having said that it’s not easy, starting any business is a bumpy ride and there are LOTs of pitfalls out there that can trip you up along the way.

Let us help you! We are here to provide you with world-class training developed over 9 years at the award-winning London Jewellery School. You will have access to all the latest thinking and tools in jewellery business management, interviews with expert speakers in all areas of growing your jewellery business, 8-weeks of intensive lessons via videos, podcasts, webinars, detailed course notes and worksheets to complete. You will also have access to an exclusive community of jewellery business owners on the same path as you, to share and get support from as you go along.

Building a jewellery business can be a lonely journey – but you will never need to feel alone again with our community of students and tutors to learn from.

Who will you be learning from?

Some amazing people! I have developed this course with the expert team at the London Jewellery School over years of consolidating all the learning from business owners and students as well as my own jewellery businesses.

I have been the lucky recipient of 6 business awards for building the London Jewellery School, one of the largest jewellery training centres in the world, from scratch. I have personally run a range of different jewellery businesses over the past 8 years including: my own jewellery brand which I sold through shops and markets as well as online; a profitable fingerprint jewellery business; a jewellery tool supply business, the London Jewellery School of course, and most recently Jewellers Academy. I have seen the jewellery market from all angles, made many mistakes, had some incredible successes, written a jewellery book, met the prime minister, written regularly for jewellery magazines, been featured on live TV and more. And I want to share my learning’s and experiences with you so that you can have the best chance at creating the business of your dreams.

But you won’t just be learning from me during the course!

There are so many lovely talented jewellers, crafters, makers and business owners out there who are open and willing to share their skills, knowledge and expertise with us.

I am thrilled to announce our panel of expert speakers who will be delivering exclusive videos, podcasts, interviews and masterclasses!

Meet (just some of) Our Panel of Experts:

Clare Yuille – Top UK expert in wholesaling to retailers and Founder of the Indie Retail Academy aimed at coaching and providing wholesale training for creatives. She is also the owner of Merry + Bright, an award-winning fashion and gifts boutique and has been called "a fresh, funny, endlessly encouraging voice" with a "spot-on understanding of the doubts and fears of creative people."

Melissa Camilleri – A successful Jewellery designer, Founder and CEO of the Compliment Jewellery brand in the USA and who has built her business by harnessing the power of Instagram. She runs a hugely successful 21 Day Instagram Course and has coached and mentored jewellery designers across the globe.

Jess Van Den – Founder and designer at Epheriell Jewellery, a hugely successful jewellery brand she is also the founder and editor of – a community designed to help and support crafters to turn their hobby into a thriving business.

Karen Young – Professional marketeer and silversmith designer-maker with her own beautiful jewellery brand, Karen Young Jewellery. Karen is hugely knowledgeable in PR, marketing and web design for jewellery businesses, and is the Marketing Co-Ordinator at the London Jewellery School.

Hillary Pullen – One of the UKs top social media experts for craft businesses. Hillary runs the popular UK Craft Blog and is author of the brilliant book - Online Marketing for your Craft Business.

Natasha Lisa - London based Jewellery designer and illustrator. Founder of the Afro Deco Brand. Natasha has grown her business from scratch and has made jewellery for celebrities such as Paloma Faith and former Noisettes front woman Shingai Shoniwa.

Sian Leeper Hamilton - Editor of Making Jewellery Magazine, the UK's largest jewellery publication. Author of 8 jewellery making books, professional jeweller and all round lovely person! Sian is hugely knowledgeable about the jewellery industry and has some great insider info to share with us.

Anna Campbell – a UK designer working predominantly in Metal Clay under her brand Campbell Hall Designs. A regular blogger and all-round social media and PR expert. Anna is our Community Manager at Jewellers Academy and teaches on the jewellery business courses at the London Jewellery School as well as our metal clay and beading courses.

Hayley Kruger – Hayley Kruger is a jewellery designer and jewellery industry professional who has worked in many aspects of the trade for over 15 years. She has her own luxury brand 'Hayley Kruger Jewellery', teaches at the London Jewellery School, is a guest designer on 'Jewellery Maker TV' and has been featured in Magazines including Tatler, Glamour, Elle & Stylist.

Julia Rai – Is an world renowned Metal Clay Jewellery Artist, Director of the Metal Clay Academy and international jewellery tutor. She runs the Cornwall School of Art, Craft & Jewellery as well as her own metal clay jewellery business. She is super organised and giving with her knowledge on the ins and outs of running a business in this industry.


But can I really make a living out of selling jewellery?

In short - YES! I believe that running a business is an extremely creative process. And guess what, jewellers are some of the most creative people I know. So you are perfectly placed for building your own jewellery empire (big or small) to be proud of.

Another little secret I want to let you in on is that you don’t need to be a genius to run a jewellery business. Neither do you have to be a top business student. You just need a brilliant product and the strategy, actions and know-how to sell it.

That’s what we want to help to empower you with :-)

So what do you get?

  • Professional training online through videos, interviews, notes and webinars.

  • Ongoing access to all 8 weeks worth of content to complete at your own pace. Plus bonus recordings of the pervious LIVE Q&A sessions.

  • Access to an exclusive closed Facebook group just for members of the bootcamp to get support and questions answered at each stage.

  • All of our learnings from the past 10 years condensed into actionable plans that you can implement straight away in your jewellery business.

The best chance we can possibly give you in building the business of your dreams :-)

The Curriculum

(all weeks are released at once)

WEEK 1: You and Your Customers
Module 1: Knowing your customer: Goals, Vision and Planning for a Successful Future
Module 2: Build Your Brand: Branding, Visuals & Logos

WEEK 2: Building Your Killer Product
Module 3: Your Jewellery: Collections, Designs & Copywright
Module 4: Pricing your Jewellery for Profit

WEEK 3: How to Market and Sell Like Pro
Module 5: Online Marketing – Social Media and Paid Advertising
Module 6: Online Marketing – Websites and SEO
Module 7: Online Marketing – Blogging, Brand Reps & Email Lists
Module 8: Offline Marketing – PR, Face-to-Face & Sales

Webinars, action points & your questions answered

WEEK 5: Mastering Wholesale & Retail
Module 9: Working with Retailers and managing wholesale

WEEK 6: The Business Nitty Gritty
Module 10: Understanding business and legal matters

WEEK 7: Planning for a Profitable Future
Module 11: Financial management, forecasting, budgets & accounts
Module 12: Jewellery business growth plan with action points for the future

Bringing it all together and mapping out action plans for your next year in business

There is a LOT to cover so it is not for the faint-hearted!

Using the bootcamp alongside your membership will give you the very best in trainings for your business. It's for anyone who is serious about building and growing a profitable jewellery business.


How is this different to every other online course out there?

We have tried and tested the advice and content of this course with thousands of students over the years at our face-to-face business courses at the London Jewellery School.

Not only do you get access to the vast body of knowledge accumulated by me and my expert tutors over the years, but I have hand-picked some of the top experts in their field to create a fantastic panel of guest speakers to take this learning experience to the next level!

This course is the most comprehensive jewellery business course on the market aimed at helping you every step of the way in creating a successful and profitable jewellery business. With 8 weeks of video lessons, our huge catalogue of templates and workbooks, access to our private Facebook group to help you put what you have learned into practice and make it happen.

The London Jewellery School is UK based so has some great information for UK Businesses but the majority of the course has practical advice, models and processes that would work for any business in any country!

And you get ongoing access to all of the content after the course has finished so you always have the course to go back to and re-watch if you want to revisit a lesson or refresh what you have learned. You will also automatically get access to any course updates.

We really believe you can do it. With the knowledge and practical application of each step. You will be set tasks and homework to complete and by the end of the course will have a full strategy with an action plan for each stage of the process, as well as a supportive network to keep you engaged and accountable.

But don't just take our word for it! - Hear from some previous bootcamp students...

‘I could never have done this without the Bootcamp. I’m not just saying that my business never would have gotten off the ground without it. I probably would have committed halfway and, for lack of focus and need of an income, been sucked back into my previous industry.

The Bootcamp gave me mechanisms, tools and models for planning, tracking my progress, focusing my attention and honing my brand. I use these tools at least once a week, if not daily, to structure my work.’

- Katie Wallace of Katie's Bike

It has certainly given me the tools to move my little business up a level. I love the fact that the content is there for life so we can refer to it at any time when we need a boost or reminder on how to do things. Thank you for such a useful and accessible course!

- Leonie Marks of Leonie Marks Jewellery

An amazing experience and one I would thoroughly recommend to any jewellery maker, if you are just beginning or several years down the line. It offers incredible value for money with a huge amount of content and will make you think about your business in a whole new way.

- Jess Clarke of Meg Rose Jewellery

I loved the boot camp. It exceeded my expectations. The community ended up being very helpful as we share the same journey. A huge 10 out of 10!

- Sabine Werner of


Course Curriculum

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