Silver Jewellery and Soldering Course Bundle

Get the Silver Jewellery Workshop and The Soldering Masterclass Together for only £100!

Everyone loves a bargain! Us included. So in this special bundle get The Silver Jewellery Workshop and The Soldering Masterclass together for just £100 (usual price £168) - That's a massive £68 saving!

What's more with these two great courses together you will learn to set up your own home jewellery workshop, how to make silver rings, charms and pendants, all the basic techniques of sawing, designing and working with the metal, followed up by a comprehensive course on the area that is most crucial to developing your jewellery making skills, soldering.

By the end of completing these two courses you will be well equipped to make professional silver jewellery from home. With tones of new techniques for you to try and practice with.

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Tools and Materials

Silver Jewellery Workshop

Essential Tools

  • Bench Peg (or jewellers workbench)
  • Jewellers/ Piercing Saw
  • Saw Blades (Grade 3.0)
  • Ruler
  • Brass Tweezers (or plastic)
  • Hand Torch & Gas
  • Heatproof fire brick (for firing on)
  • Borax cone and dish (or other form of flux)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Selection of pliers – half-round, flat nosed, round-nosed
  • Ring sizer
  • Ring mandrel
  • Metal scriber
  • Large half-round file
  • Half-round needle file
  • Mallet leather hide (for shaping the ring, it doesn’t dent the metal)
  • Solder probe
  • Tin snips
  • Emery papers and or emery stick (recommended grades 400, 800 and 1200)
  • Safety pickle
  • Centre punch
  • Hand Drill


  • Beeswax (optional for lubrication to the saw blade)
  • Safety Googles (advised)
  • Additional files: large flat file, Needle files (half round, safety back – like a rooftop & round)
  • Reverse action pliers
  • Polishing cream and cloth


  • Hard silver solder
  • Silver Sheet: Recommended 1mm thick 3cmx3cm for silver pendant and 1.2mm thick, 0.8-1.2mm wide and 7-9cm long (depending on your ring size) piece for your silver ring.
  • Silver 6mm jump ring and silver chain to finish pendant

Solder Masterclass


  • Bench tools as above plus
  • Reverse action tweezers in a third hand tool
  • Solder: easy, medium and hard (silver)


  • Steel block
  • Turntable for soldering
  • Binding wire
  • Syringe solder, hard type
  • Charcoal block
  • Hand file


The Soldering Masterclass has lots of projects for you to practise on. We recommend practising in copper to begin with before moving on to using them in your designs. A sheet of 0.5mm or 0.7mm sheet and 0.8mm round wire would be suitable to work with.


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Courses Included with Purchase

The Soldering Masterclass
Master the art of soldering with our expert Hayley Kruger
Hayley Kruger
The Silver Jewellery Workshop
Make soldered silver rings, pendants and charms from home with this complete starter course in silversmithing
Michelle Leaver

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