Metal Clay Charms and Stone Setting Course Bundle

Take the two courses together and save as part of a bundle

In this bundle pack, get the Stone Setting in Metal Clay and Make Silver Metal Clay Charms courses together for just £89 (usual price £104) - That's a handy £15 saving!

These two go perfectly together as the 'Metal Clay Charms' will take you through all the basics of setting up your home jewellery metal clay workshop, including which tools to use, how to work with the clay to get amazing results, torch firing and professionally finishing your pieces (plus tones more). And the stone setting course is the ideal follow-on intermediate course to learn to set beautiful gemstones, diamond-shaped stones and glass pieces in your silver.

By the end of these two courses you will be fully equipped to make professional silver metal clay jewellery from home, complete with a range of stunning stone settings.

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Tools and Materials


  • Acrylic roller
  • Pack of playing cards or acrylic spacers
  • Work mat (can just be a laminated piece of card or any plastic bendy surface)
  • Mini cookie cutters
  • Texture plates or textured surfaces such as wall paper cuttings or fabric off-­‐cuts
  • Clingfilm
  • Small drinking straws or hand-­‐drill
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Small pot of water
  • Badger balm or olive oil
  • Emery board or sanding pad
  • Kitchen paper towel
  • flat pliers (chain nosed or flat nosed)
  • Hand torch (with gas)
  • Fire brick
  • Steel Tweezers
  • Pyrex bowl of water
  • Timer (or watch/ phone stopwatch)
  • Brass brush
  • Small pin vice hand drill (approx 1.2mm drill bit)
  • Spray water bottle
  • Hotplate or mug warmer
  • Safety goggles
  • Liver of sulphur
  • 2 part silicone moulding compound (for making 3D charms)
  • Wire mesh shelf
  • Agate burnisher or steel burnisher
  • Set of pliers


For the charms

  • Silver metal clay: either Art Clay Silver or PMC3 (Julia uses 10g of Art Clay Silver to make approx. 3 charms)
  • Silver jump ring (size 7mm) x 1 for each charm

For the stone settings

  • Approx. 10g silver clay per project (x3 projects)
  • Silver clay paste (small amount)
  • 1 x 6mm plain round fine silver bezel cup
  • 1 x 6mm round cabochon (with a flat back)
  • 1 x dichroic glass cabochon
  • 1 x 3mm cubic zirconia


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Courses Included with Purchase

Stone Setting In Metal Clay (Torch Fire Techniques)
Learn how to set CZ stones, glass and cabochon settings for natural stones all with basic torch firing techniques
Anna Campbell
Make Silver Metal Clay Charms
Make beautiful solid silver jewellery from home with this beginners metal clay course from Julia Rai
Julia Rai

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