Gemstone and Wire Jewellery

Learn to make stunning gemstone and wire jewellery from home

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Learn to make beautiful gemstone and wire jewellery in this beginners level course with Jessica Rose.

Through the course you will learn the following key techniques:
  • Briolette wrapping
  • Creating wire loops
  • Creating shapes in wire to wrap your gemstones in
  • Working with cast components
  • incorporating chain into your designs
  • Using mini-mandrels, pliers and beading tools
  • And much more

We will be making a range of beautiful projects together - you can see some of these below:

No previous experience is needed to take this course however if you are brand new to jewellery making we recommend you also take the FREE online course 'Jewellery Making for Absolute Beginners'.

Your Instructor

Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose is a jewellery designer-maker and the Founder of Jewellers Academy and of the award-winning London Jewellery School, which was Europe's largest independent jewellery training company. One of her first jewellery businesses was a metal clay fingerprint jewellery business so who better to share these techniques with you. Jess is extremely passionate about jewellery making and spends most of her time supporting jewellers to run their own successful jewellery businesses.


You don't need many tools or materials for this course see the list of suggested items below and a full list breakdown in the course notes.


  • Pliers set: chain-nosed, round-nosed, flat-nosed and cutters.
  • Bead Mat
  • Multi-mandrels
  • Ruler


Project 1: Briolette wrapping (technique based)

  • Briolette
  • 0.4mm wire (approx 15cm)

Project 2: Bar necklace (technique based)

  • Small selection of beads (3-10)
  • Chain necklace
  • O.4mm wire (10cm)

Project 3: Bracelet with made component

  • 0.4mm wire (1 metre)
  • Crimps x 4
  • Crimp covers x 4
  • Beads for bracelet (enough to cover 3/4 of a bracelet length (can be mixed beads)
  • Small piece of silver chain for safety catch (approx 4cm) big enough loops to attach clasp
  • Lobster clasp
  • Nylon thread 0.3mm

Project 4: Wire wrapped component necklace

  • Shaped Component in gold or silver
  • 0.4mm wire approx 1/2 meter
  • Briolette
  • Small beads (approx 20)
  • Chain for necklace
  • Clasp
  • Jump rings x 2

Project 5: Chain necklace with gemstones

  • Chain for necklace length
  • Magnetic clasp (could be any clasp)
  • 0.4mm wire (approx 40cm)
  • Nylon thread 0.3mm
  • Pearls x 14
  • Rose quartz briolette (faceted)
  • Crimps x 2
  • Crimp covers x 2


We have a full list of worldwide suppliers of jewellery tools and materials here

Student Work...

Here are some beautiful pieces made using this course.

By @rihamsalehjewellery

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