10 Days to Email Marketing Mastery

Build a list, Engage your Tribe and Sell Your Jewellery Through Emails

OK I know it's not sexy, but email is the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO SELL anything online. Fact!

And 90% of jewellers I know are either not using it, or have no clear sales strategy...

And I get it, it is a bit boring, sometimes embarrassing, feels like a lot of work and frankly, will it even work for you? Isn't instagram, Pinterest and just about anything else more fun?!


If you want to sell your work and you are not sending emails regularly you know what the problem is!

It does work, I have sold over a million pounds worth of products and content online and the vast majority of them over the past few years have come directly from email. Without it I simply wouldn't have a business.

Which is why I am super passionate about jewellers getting to grips with this way of selling and running with it so that their business can grow and thrive even in the Covid era, (scrap that!) especially in the Covid era!

If you are new to email marketing... DON'T PANIC... you are not alone.

Spend 10 days doing one task a day to build towards your email strategy. Let's get you to build a list of engaged people to send emails to, set up your first emails, plan your first sales sequence and get some income coming in (or boost your current income goals).

You won't regret it and I can't wait to see your results from this.


You can start anytime! When you join this course you get immediate access to all 10 days of content so you can work on it at your own pace.

By signing up to the course you get ongoing access to come back to the content any time through your login. All members of Jewellers Academy will have access to the course.

WARNING - This is not a quick fix!

If you are looking to sell your work without putting any time or effort in, I am afraid I can't help you. No strategy works unless you do. But it is not rocket science and with a little work each day you can get there, I am behind you all the way.

So the final question is for you to answer... are you ready to build a community around your business, to speak to your loyal fans via email and to sell your work through emails? If so let's make this happen!

Join the course below and I can't wait to see you on the inside

Jess x


Day 1: What Matters to you Most? Setting your Juicy Email Goals.

Day 2: Creating or Updating a Sign-up Form that Works!

Day 3: The Pop-up Form (how to create it and why you should have one)

Day 4: Lead Magnets for Jewellers

Day 5: How to Invite People to Your List (Over and Over Again!)


Day 6: How to Get your Email Seen and Loved

Day 7: Mastering the Welcome Email

Day 8: The Sales Sequence

Day 9: Story Telling & Adding Value Through Email

Day 10: Your Ongoing Email Strategy

Get started now!